Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pellyton in da house!


A totally frivolous post, but we got this.  It can go faster than any normal person can run.  I'll use it for pleasant strolls through the woods.  The kids will have the crazy ladies yell at them.  The main tread weighs 300 lbs.  Two very strong men came to carry it upstairs and fully install it.  I'm just thinking of old houses.

ps.  my back hurts after watching those guys.  They just started real deliveries but have had months of training.  There must come a point where things are uninstallable.  :)

pps.  this is totally affordable if you are working millenials with no expenses whatsoever.  But they don't want to pay the monthly fees, because that would be an expense.

more:  just did my first 2 minute walk today.

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