Sunday, February 21, 2021

Huge drop in global temperatures - NOAA

 Okay, so I looked for more temperature charts.  


This is their chart and it is fine with 'The Narrative'.  

The narrative can put a straight line through all this, and the big drop has no effect.  I was terrified that the warmies are getting shriller and attacking other sources of temperatures.  But this is noaa!

It's fun again that I can say this is important, and the warmies can say it isn't.  But it's a huge drop.

There is no sign of heat energy coming from the Pacific, so I'll say we'll have another big drop next month.  And it will mean nothing to 'The Narrative'.  

ps.  if this is a world drop, I can imagine the Northern Hemisphere drop.


Brent said...

remember when we worried about global cooling

Harold Asmis said...

That was the 70's and I was too young to have really picked up on that. I find it amazing that the current warm cycle started with 1997 El Nino, and ended with the 2016 EN. That second bump is the recent 'halvsie EN' which was never recognized as such because of their weird definitions of an EN event. The temp chart has had many equivalent drops as this one, followed by an immediate uptick. We won't have that. I predict, from my physics, that next month will also be a big drop, thus putting us in new territory. But this is no threat to 'the narrative'.

Brent said...

Is this your blob

Harold Asmis said...

It's the tropical plume zooming under the blob. We'll see the blob situation tomorrow.