Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hell has frozen over

 There it is.  Lake Erie has frozen over.

Just a speck left.  I like to jump the gun.  

It's a bit behind the '70's Show', but it's getting there.  I can't find a graph showing the warm cycle.  I'm pretty sure it hasn't frozen over for a while, but who knows?

This is the time I always bring out the old company's video

Now, that was 'hell on earth'.  Those ice ridges were amazing.  It killed the concept of a cable going across the lake, but everybody keeps bringing it up again, as though the lake would never freeze over again.  We had physics in those days.


Penny said...

I'm pretty sure Lake Erie Froze over almost entirely in 2018
NOAA predicted it would be 26 percent- they were wrong
I documented it here

recall those flash freezes that saw those ships frozen in the st lawrence seaway?

and there was another year- the year the ice caves formed at Crystal Beach- everyone came from miles around to view them and enter them- hubby and I were there too

Penny said...

Oh and it was really cold today- this morning was -18C

Harold Asmis said...

Oh blah, it's too much work to actually check it. Betcha they didn't have giant ice ridges since the 80's. But I wouldn't check that either. :)

Penny said...

Hey Harold

I'm a bit of a canal/lake/St Lawrence Seaway fan.
It's always been one of my fave places to hang out
( I like the locks quite a bit. Particularly the flight locks)
They never fail to amaze me...
The idea of those big ships climbing a mountain..