Monday, February 22, 2021

Air Glacier On the Move


That's Bob the Blob transforming into an air glacier.  The Pacific tropical plume has moved out of the way. There's nothing to stop Bob's visit to Texas.

The air glacier should have another name, but I can't think of one.  Perhaps Coolin' Cruise, or Dapper Don.  Or Happy AOC.  

50 below is just touching Alberta.  Tomorrow, the Weather Network will be playing drums on frozen clothes.  This one is so big it might blow past our Great Lakes shield and give Toronto a chill.  Even nicer if it could get to Washington.

ps.  natgas starts another spike.

pps.  Dear Texas, the official advice is that such a huge cold spell will never happen again.  So, be happy, don't do any physics.  Just believe aoc, it's going to be warm.

more:  in predicting the descent, the physics question is:  Is it self-propelled like a big slime mold?  Or does it drift like a balloon in the wind?  I go for slime mold.

la la:  The official forecast does not have it coming down. Neat.


Brent said...

I thought you needed a laugh. West coast is warm and the east coast cold.

Harold Asmis said...

That's neat. Wonder how they got that? Can't wait to see how the blob swirl is doing tomorrow.