Tuesday, February 23, 2021

And here it comes!


Here comes da cold!  My physics is correct, and I was worried for a while.  Once again, this is not forecast.  Texas won't know what hit them.  Tomorrow we'll see the upper Great Lakes act as a shield and deflect the air glacier away.  

It hurts to be always right, and not have anybody believe.  But, i'm not peddling 'a solution' in my new book coming out (ha, ha).  It is best to just assume I'm wrong.

natgas has gone down based on all the predictions of warmer weather.  Go Bob the Blob!

On a more serious note, I proclaim a physics discovery.  'Self-propelled blob at 50 below'.  

ps.  speaking of physics, note the huge data error in the ice volume chart.

Unlike temperature, ice has mass.

pps.  and you can see the blob by the total clarity in the mimic map.

The pacific plumes can't touch it.  It is truly a phenomenon.  if you have questions read the backgrounder.

more:  somebody should tell Teddy that it's okay to go back to Cancun.  :)

blah - Edmonton has finally changed the forecast, but not nearly cold enough.

more blah - the 3 day edmonton forecast is going down like a rock and still not at -50.

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Brent said...

Sudbury and Ottawa also.