Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Spencer's graph of world temperatures

 I don't use this any more, since the RSS chart has more detail, but they seem to be out for the count.  Maybe that big computer hack, or nusa silencing them.  Anyway, Dr. Spencer has his sources.

He just uses a general impact of microwaves on satellites.  RSS can divide into many little cells.  Nevertheless, he shows a huge drop in January, and I'm expecting that from RSS if they can dig out of their troubles.

This graph shows the famous '2020 tied with 2016' thing which has not shown up in RSS.  The warmies made hay with that ray of sunshine, but they will ignore the drop.  RSS may take another month, and two more blob attacks before they publish, but I'm glad I could find a graph.

ps.  I have found out that RSS was delayed by a health situation.  They reacted badly to my frivolous suggestions.  Wow, I'm staying out of this for a while.

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