Friday, February 19, 2021

Bob the Blob Not Moving Yet

 But the outer zone of influence is expanding.  The Great Lakes are pushing back.

I think he's having trouble running over the Great Lakes.  Blob1 snuck around them.

And a great note of apology goes out to RSS.  Their results are delayed due to sad personal reasons, and he is quite pissed off with me to accuse him of reacting to external pressure.  They are technical purists, like myself and seem to be in the same state I was before antidepressant pills.  These days I would laugh off any implications I am working for Alberta.  I wish them well.

ps.  Blob1 is dying and being shredded by tropical plumes, like sharks attacking a whale carcass.  Blob2 is pristine.  Lots of snow for everybody.

pps.  I'm beginning to think that Bob is much bigger than Al.  If he decides to come down, he'll freeze up all the lakes.  Phew!

more:  The doomers are moving on to the next thing.

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