Thursday, February 4, 2021

So cold the hawk is at the bird feeder

 We've had one of our baby red-tail hawks hanging around the bird feeder.

That's quite low, in the bare apple tree.  We can have all sorts of captions.

Where did everybody go?

Do I have bad breath?

Here squirrly, squirrly.

We have giant red-tail hawks and peregrine falcons nesting nearby.  Less squirrels than most places.

The hawk knows that the Big Arctic Blob is coming down on us.

That black blob is 50 below.  And guess what is driving it down towards us.

1. Polar vortex fairies

2. The Jet Stream busting like a dam.

3. Physics

Yes, Gretinia, that's physics.  The tropical plumes are all over the North Pole driving that blob towards us.  Simple force, energy, etc.  Something you'll never get our of weather people.

The hawk knows.

The Arctic ice extent is barrelling through history, as well as ice volume.  

Next week I'll have the world temperatures for January. 


Brent said...

The last graph of sea ice. Where did you get it.

Harold Asmis said...

This year the extent and volume are tracking well. I 'weight' the ice mass more.

Brent said...

Do you have graphs going back farther.

Harold Asmis said...

No, Ijust got into this graph.