Monday, February 15, 2021

Texas Freezes Solid


This is exciting.  What's exciting are the words said to dismiss this as anything important.

“This event was well beyond the design parameters for a typical, or even an extreme, Texas winter that you would normally plan for. And so that is really the result that we're seeing,” Woodfin said.

That's hard to dismiss, but there will be lots of statements that say 'One cold snap does not mean anything.'

If it happens exactly the same next year, they will say that the record is only one year old.

I'm still waiting for the RSS world temps.  They get their money from nasa.  I'm worried.

ps.  I'm just imaging nusa saying 'Craft some explanation that allows this, and still keeps the carbon warming hypothesis'.  As it keeps happening, they'll think of something new.

pps.  wait for it ...

more.  at least somebody doesn't believe in ice.  This wiper is on a linear rail.  Neat.

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