Friday, January 22, 2021

Time to order your seeds

 I've just ordered my seeds from Veseys.  This year we are ditching the bush beans and just going pole beans.  They were 3 times more productive last year.

All our tomatoes are 'indeterminate' which means staking.  I wish they would just say that.  Because of our ice age, I'm starting in March and only planting towards the end of May.  I'm just using short poly tunnels.  All my larger greenhouse efforts have been destroyed in the May winds.

The sugar snap peas can be planted at the beginning of May.

Don't buy organic seeds.  They don't carry over pesticides or whatever.  'Organic' is the biggest scam in the world, it requires chopping down more trees for more land, and there is no large-scale source of organic nitrogen.  If you use manure, get it from organic cows, and watch out for vegans!  That's the best irony, the necessary manure comes from raising farm animals.

Organic produce always tests out as the most residual junk because they have to plant in the middle of normal farming to get anything.  I go 'mostly organic' which means adding nitrogen fertilizer to the compost and using that (once removed).  I use my 'mostly organic' spray which works great.  The great flavour comes from picking seeds rated for flavour, and using massive amounts of compost.  

Allow ads for this site with your ad blocker.  This has been one of my best purchases.  It's still steaming in winter, like a hot spring.  I put the dog poops in it to act as nitrogen coal.  :)  We're all family!

It produces at 2 or 3 times anything else.  Wait for it to come on sale, this covid price is double.

ps.  and the UK shouldn't start their seeds yet.  :)

I only take winter articles from the Guardian.


Brent said...

I bought that com poster when you recommended it in the summer for 350. Talk about inflation.

Harold Asmis said...

It tends to depend whether ammie has it in stock. There are 3rd party people who double or triple the price.

Penny said...

We only grow Pole Beans- they produce prolifically and seem to have no issue with bean beetles- Kentucky Wonder is our go to. And you can save seeds.