Monday, January 11, 2021

The Jet Stream needs some physics

 I had some private email with Dr. Phillips of envcan.  I was impressed with his convictions that the jet stream is a river of air that blocks the cold north from freezing us.  I looked it all up, and it is all just stories, like carbon warming.

In my concept of a happy world, we would use the Scientific Method.

Hypothesis-- the Jet Stream is a river of air, like any ocean current.  It can transport items or molecules from Alaska to the UK.  

Test:  easy physics to check that out.

Most likely outcome:  No, it's not a river of air.  It is a horizontal linear convection cell, caused by the clash of warm and cold zones.  It is a totally passive shadow effect.

Nobody really wants to deal with this story, just like all the other stories that we love so much.  After I am dead, somebody might look at this.  :)

ps.  Wow, he's the busy guy of the year!  Reference


Penny said...

Hey Geofish:

And if you care to expand on your point..
I'd be happy to read it

I like the idea of science- the practice of it, however, leaves something to be desired.
Of course that could be unfair- their is so much story telling..

Harold Asmis said...

I did some heavy research and found nothing. If it is transport, then it needs a source and discharge. It can't be the snake swallowing its tail. But the article was short because there is no physics, and I can't go against fanatics.

Harold Asmis said...

Mr. Asmis:

Thank you for your email. What I say to the media and what is reported is not always the same thing. I spoke with the CTV reporter for about 30 minutes and his report is a pick and choose from what I said to him. He might not have reported as clearly and eloquently as I would have liked, but, I don’t see what I said is physically incorrect. I’ve written articles on the jet stream and recognize that it is the boundary between cold air to the north and warm air to the south. It is not always tilted. It can resemble a bungee cord stretching latitudinally across Canada in an almost straight line. Yes storms often hook a ride along the jet stream and yes pilots travel its route as they fly from west to east but avoid the strong winds flying in the opposite direction. Sometimes it speeds up and slows down. It is not a homogenous circulation across the continents. The jet stream is an important feature in drawing weather north and south. Currently it is fencing the Polar Vortex in the high Arctic but if it weakens it will be a factor among many that draws the Polar Vortex and its cold and winds farther south.

David Phillips

Anonymous said...

the pop up book version for the prols. only surprising thing is he actually expected a journalist to expound.

Harold Asmis said...

It's a wonderful life where people believe in a continuously flowing circular river. I'm rendered speechless.