Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tyrants in Trouble

 There is a short-term advantage in being a tyrant.  You get to eliminate all the fluff and get things done by threatening to kill people.  That's a great motivation.  You get a sense of that with the Canada Emergency Act hearings.  This is really a declaration of war.  You needed it because so many levels of government were being incompetent.  

We normally hear about democracies in trouble and turning into tyrant-lands.  The US almost had that with Trump.  Now, the tyrants are fading fast:  Trump, China, Iran, Russia, Musk, etc.  What are the root causes (physics) of tyrant decline.

The essence of tyrantery is that one man takes central command.  He starts killing anybody with brains, who are a threat.  He does a few great things that would have happened anyway.  He cuts through the huge overhanging mass of stupidity.  Then what?

Russia and China show that people can get depressed and suicidal.  It doesn't work to threaten them with death.  They start suicidal protests.  Russia, China, and Iran are there now.  The Taliban have a while to go.  As well, all the people that enforce death become unstable.  It's a tremendous toll to constantly have to kill people, and they give up.  

Finally, the tyrant himself thinks he is God.  That always results in a giant stupid decision.  Hitler and Napoleon invaded Russia.  Russia invaded Ukraine.  China is locking everyone in prison for Covid.  Iran kills all the women.  Trump doesn't pay taxes.  It all leads to the end.  

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