Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Notwithstanding a moment of levity


I am shocked, shocked.

'Notwithstanding' means "Screw all those stupid laws, I'm doing it my way."  It's obvious that the Ottawa mess needed this big hammer, because everybody was tied up in legal knots, and people were suffering.  Mister Big cut that Gordian Knot, but he could declare war.

Now, Ontario wants to do the same, but it is complicated.  You could force the tow trucks to work, and seize ownership of the trucks, and they were gone.  End of story.

But Ontario wants to take the axe to laws, and then use laws to force the workers back to the job.  The axe is not a delicate instrument.  So, if you write satire, this is a big laugh.  "Okay, Mr. Judge, we threw tomato soup in your face, and now, we want you to do us a favour."

We shall see what happens.

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