Saturday, November 19, 2022

State of the Oceans - Nov 19, 2022

 Ok, so I'm always waiting for the ocean current report, but they are getting later and later.  I do a video of the currents, but it is so dependent on the distribution of Argo floats.  The big question is 'How strong is the Pacific Cold Phase?'  That is what is controlling the world weather right now.  

I just have this one picture.  All geophysics is shutting down on the Internet.  Those guys with the charts had a good party when we had the warm cycle.  And now, they are stunned and hiding the results.  

I consider all these charts to be 'endangered species'.  Who is going to pay them to go against the group-think?  Yeah, they are dead.

The fun thing is that it is just getting colder and snowier.  I just read an article that all the snow belt lake effect snow is a result of global warming.  They are also saying the same thing for the big ocean current shifts.  My general rule is that when a system is 1000 times more energetic than a smaller system, the smaller system leaves the building.  

Huge currents from the Antarctic are flooding the Pacific equatorial belt.  This is being ignored, and labelled as the tiny little sister 'La Nina'.  However, that's sexist.  She has grown to be a full woman, taking control of her destiny, and whapping big brother El Nino on the head.  

I feel sorry for Australia who now have to live with mushrooms growing in their hair.  They never read my blog or the ashes of Mastodon, so they can just look up at the sky and wonder.


pps.  I now have a solid 8 readers:  

You had 344 users in September, 8 came back in October, which means 3.1% of your users returned to your site.

more:  Whew.  The warmiest of forecasters says it's all over.

The cold phase is called La Nina, and the warm phase is called El Nino. We are currently in a La Nina phase, entering its 3rd and final year, which is a rather rare occurrence.

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