Friday, November 11, 2022

State of the Oceans -- Nov 11, 2022


I actually thought I saw a weakening of La Nina Forever.  But, no.  Australia can enjoy its Liquid Air for many more years.

However, the cold feed to the Atlantic Belt may be going up and down.  This is not such a big influence to the world, but gives Europe a fool's paradise for a while.  It always runs out of heat by January.  Maybe a bit earlier this year.

Toronto is having rain right now, and the dog is sad.  I did this chart for Mastodon.

It's the latest 2m temps from Climate Reanalyzer with a rough line of the 50 year forecast.  This is the forecast that they always use when they say we're all going to die.  A chart like this has never been published, the forecasts on the NASA site end at 2016.  You'll never see this on La Guard.  

ps.  forgot to say that the ocean current video at the top shows the strongest current yet.  May be a result of more floaters.


Soon it will be temperatures below design limits -- I have no comment.

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