Thursday, November 24, 2022

Polar Vortex Fairies are Back


I love stories, and these are the best.  Next, we'll have the Dancing Jet Stream.  

It's funny that I brought up physics charts, and the warmies are bringing up tons of charts.  They are all rather ridiculous, and it seems that they are just going through a chart closet and bringing out the ones that agree with them.  Next month it will be different ones.

I am happy that they can't tell one chart from another.  It means that useful physics charts will continue to be produced, as they could suddenly support the warmie position.  

The physics is about heat flow.  For some reason, the Earth isn't getting any heat.  That leads to our ice age.  This leads to lots of philosophical fun, but wait until next year!

ps.  the best physics magic story ever:

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