Saturday, November 5, 2022

Spencer plot shows new oscillation


Well, this is a fine pickle.  Usually, by the time you notice a new oscillation, it's going down again.  With the previous bumps, I noticed some life in the Pacific.  Now, I don't see a great reason for this.

For the past 6 months, the sea water in the north has been unusually warm.  This is probably the cause of the oscillation, but why is it warm?  Need some physics here.

And we have the most glorious 'rain train' coming at us.  This is bad if you are located right under the track.  You want it to zoom by you straight across.  

The forecast is just for light rain, so maybe it busts up before it hits Toronto.  There is snow right behind it.

ps.  oscillations mean complexity and chaotic behaviour.

In the old company I would go after vibrations and nobody listened to me.  They just accepted failure.

pps.  Here's a new plot from climate reanalyzer.  You have to do these yourself, which is a good Popular way to do it.

They have the Spencer second peak going down already.  

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