Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Mastodon Seizes Up

 I thought it would take until Christmas, but it's happening on a small scale right now.  Sure, there is traffic flowing, but there are heart attacks.

If I wanted to help ease the flow, I would take a lot of money from failing billionaires and set up a dedicated server.  This would be called an 'instance'.  I would hard-wire it with a fixed ip, and domain name, thus exposing it to the whole internet.  Their security is horrible, like a generic web server.  I would run a secure Linux, but lots of people are probably windozy. 

Then I would open it for people to join.  Most of these instances have a theme, to make the creator happy.  Lots of traffic stays on the server, but a lot transfers out to other servers.  The traffic would be high and probably can't run on a home line.  Beezos can let me have an ammie server.  :)

But now I have to ensure good behaviour in the neighbourhood.  That's the main cost, that of time.  The consequences of being a Poots is that everybody cuts you off.  This is the true 'cancel culture', and 'small town terrorism'.  There is no hope for an instance dedicated to Atmospheric Physics.  In fact, I think my posts are being complained about by the biddies with the telescopes (yeah, Monty!).

Thus, the whole thing can instantly convert to feudalism, and warring city-states.  Hopefully not, but a huge influx of musky refugees will put strain on the system.  My blog here is never read and nobody cares, so I will probably be back soon.

I'll be expecting the engine oil to be thrown at me soon.  :)

ps.  that was a hiccup, but I think the system is straining.

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