Thursday, November 24, 2022

Lots of earthquakes again in Texas


A bunch, near the M5.3 but these are M5's.  I would generally round out the number because of sparse seismometer coverage.  

You could not have a more isolated site.  I can't see any roads for the injection sites, but this is a huge injection zone.  All the earthquakes that happened in Oklahoma a while ago, are now happening here.

Normally, this would be nothing, but the size of the zone is an M6 or 7, ready to happen.  The next big earthquake will be an M6 - strike/slip, if we are lucky.  You should get 10 M6 earthquakes before one M7.  Oklahoma was up to about 5, and it shut down, due to the price of natgas going to nothing.  We will see about this one.  An M7 will do nothing here, but will be felt for a thousand miles.

ps.  this is exactly like OK where I was always complaining about the bad rock mechanics (physics) of the big wigs.  In the end, it closed down, and this new one opened up.  Nobody learned a thing.  I think it will be like that for clange, everybody will just accept that being a lot colder is just part of it.  No big wig needs to be worried.

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