Monday, November 7, 2022

New age customer service

 This is neat.  I had a tiny hole in my Spacesaver bag.  I had written a very nice review on Amazon, and I contact the company on the weekend.  She responded on how terrible it was and try a few things.  I did and still had a bag broken.  She then sent me a full package of 6 bags direct from Amazon.  I added that to the review.

Then I have my Dupray Streamer.  I loved it, but it kept leaking at the nozzle.  I finally took it apart and found they have an inadequate steel spring.  I felt betrayed like this was a Nasa rocket or my old company.  Then I contacted them and they took days with a form letter from a smoothie manager that didn't know anything.   I was their employee and had to do a video.

I already put in a very bad review (for me).  I never do bad reviews, but I mentioned everything and how sad it made.  I will probably cost them $100K, but they'll never realize it.  I don't know whether I'm evil or not, I just didn't felt like doing the hokey pokey dance.  Some places make you go to terrible little shops in the city, with no parking -- blah!

ps.  okay, with the threat of my thermonuclear comment bomb, an internal corporate defender of the system left a message on the phone that I never answer, and said I have to go through their rabbit hole and send a video.  I did, and got the most horrible low-level java error with the instruction to contact them, which is impossible.  I have good instincts for this sort of thing, and now they will need the president to come up with a grand gesture to stop the comment.  Unless Amazon did already.  I am happy that I did not overreact.

ps2:  The video is here

I think the trouble is that I run Linux.

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