Thursday, November 24, 2022

Fog of the 60's returns

 One thing about being old is that 'what goes around, comes around.'.  We had such pea-soup fog in the 60's and never had those again.  It could have come from burning coal at Lakeview.  But here it is again!

Nothing much new on this chart.  Looks like there will be a big hit of a Pacific plume on the Arctic cold mass.  This is like breaking in billiards.  You never know where the cold is going to break out.  A few weeks ago, we got the 'Chocolate Fountain' of the air bouncing right back and pouring over NA.  This time, it could be Europe's turn.

A slashing Pacific plume has brought up the Gulf air.  This is a hard mechanism, and it would be fun to do physics on it.  One plume is hitting the Yukon.  In the past, this has always brought down a good clipper, but the last one was more warm than cold.  

In Europe, the Atlantic plumes remain down, giving everybody cold, mixed weather.  Looks like Spain Buddy is finally getting his rain.  

ps.  No rain in Spain.  He's getting a direct hit of a plume, but it keeps it's water for someone else.  He needs a cold blob hitting that plume.

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Neil T said...

Nope, still dry as a bone here... Our local reservoir is at 8% capacity. No mushrooms, trees dead, warm, cloudy weather and water restrictions all over the place. We appear to be at the mercy of your plumes.