Friday, November 11, 2022

Finland Nuclear Plant - Brand new feedwater pumps are cracked


This reminds me of Darlington, when all the fuel bundles came out smashed when it was brand new.  I was looking into it, and they never accepted my conclusions of a dynamic effect.

Finland now has brand new feedwater cracks.  I think it's the same, since no engineer looks at dynamic effects.  It's hard to believe they were made cracked, and feedwater pumps are subjected to rather gentle service.  As with Darlington, huge dynamic forces are at play.

However, they will paper this over, and we'll never know.  As long as it isn't a nuclear safely issue, by their definition, it can be hushed up.  Bring in new pumps and change the number of vanes.  That, sort of, worked for Darlington, but the lifetime was cut in half.

I love nuclear, but have found it is now run by idiots.whoops, people who don't do physics.  I hope everything is okay.

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