Sunday, November 6, 2022

New weather pattern sets in

 I'm going to call this pattern to be steady until January.  There is usually a shift at that point.

A weak Pacific plume is being beaten down by a cold blob.  This forces it down.

The West gets the big storms and it goes cold down the whole coast.  Then it goes east and pushes away the warm air.  The east is getting alternately warm and cold air.  

This is a standard cold air blob, clob, except it is far to the west.  I expect the blobs to move east over the winter.  I'm just anticipating, based on previous years.  There is no great reason that this pattern will persist, just that once they set up, they go on for a while.  The big blobs of warm air go over to Europe.

ps. these patterns are persistent because heat in the oceans takes a while to change.  Further proof that the oceans are in charge.  By January, the heat energy in the Gulf of Mexico begins to give out.

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