Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Google walks in the Valley of Bye-Bye


The number 10,000 is the 'in' thing these days.  Whereas muskie just fires everybody, and Ammie fires the losing devices division, Googs is caught on 'what to do'.  They have gone the bureaucratic route.  

Every low-level bureaucrat is paid by the number of warm bodies under their control.  They pump up the performance ratings willy-nilly.  Nobody is going to say 'They are all losers, and me, too.'.  The old company went through this all the time.

What happens is that all the bright people leave, because they have other options.  The losers go turtle.  Like the old company, Google has a monopoly and high margins.  I wish them luck.


They are raising the spectre of everything going kablooey.  These are all high-margin companies trying to go to lower margins, and higher volumes.  It has never been done in history.  IBM had to sell the PC business, and went into 'services' which is high margin, but their flops caught up with them.  It's like Eatons (high margin department store of my childhood) becoming Costco.  However, just because something is impossible, doesn't mean the group-think goes away.  Fun to watch.

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