Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yeah for Money!

Today I celebrate activating my second check from Mr. Google (went over the next $100 US). It took me 2 years to get the first hundred, and 6 months to get the second. And people ask me what I do?

I will now boldly go forth as a Paid Pundit! No more worrying what the big boys will think now. If they want to silence me, it will cost them a lot more now!

I will defend the way of the Technical Purist, the arch-enemy of Political Expedience. Those political guys hated me in the old company, and now political old-boys from all walks of life can enjoy hating me! Being a Paid Pundit, I will branch into any area where I can find some old story to tell, sort of like Miss Marple in the books.

So thanks to all for clicking the silly ads. We are now going into some very juicy times, such as:

  1. The Niagara Tunnel boring machine getting stuck.
  2. The Great Nuclear Decision.
  3. The Deep Disposal Environmental Show.
  4. The Great Toronto Earthquake (I wish!)
With all of these, every click gives me confidence to push on, and I have to use a blog because I'm too ugly for television!

I was just at a luncheon where they were giving an award to eldest son. A dad's proudest moment! Anyway, the room was filled with very old engineers, so when I mentioned I do a blog, it went over like a wet dog. One day I'll find someone who knows what a blog is!

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