Monday, March 2, 2009

Go For Westinghouse!


The big surprise with the recent bid submissions to Ontario, was the fact that Westinghouse still put in a bid. It had appeared from earlier news that they were fed up with the process. However, since nobody is in a position to cover the inevitable overruns, they have thrown their hat into the ring. Now is the time for us to get political and push Westinghouse (rah, rah!).

Since this is a totally political thing, we might as well have fun with it. The various factions have their own solution to push. The 'Made in Canada', Avro Arrow lovers, want AECL. The cheese-lovers want Areva. And so, we technical people, who are always ignored, should push Westinghouse.

The article shows their great progress in China. This is the best place for us to poach talent from! Surely we can top their wages! In earlier decades we robbed Britain and Scotland of their nuclear talent, and we can do the same thing to China. We're running out of Romanians, so we have to find some new place.

As I have said before, the Westinghouse reactors have a low megawatts per acre ratio, so the Darlington site can only hold 2 reactors. The new AECL design breaks new ground (Danger! Danger!) in density, so you can theoretically jam 4 reactors on that postage stamp.

Still, Westinghouse is the best chance to get at least 2 reactors working.

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