Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Can't Shove Intelligence Through the Senate Meatgrinder


I'm just interested in this, because of my clandestine fight against the Mel-i-verse. Poor Obama is trying to lead a New Enlightenment, where there is no great movement. He was shattered by the Yuk-Yuk rocks, and then came The Fight Against the Depression, where the Mels have out-snuck him on protectionism. Now comes the Inquisition. Can you imagine any intelligent person making it through the Ultra-Mel gauntlet of the Senate? You need a genuine Bovine who has never done anything.

Kennedy did it because of Sputnik. The Renaissance did it because of coffee. I think Obama faces a hard slog.


Anonymous said...

WSJ is like the Fox news of journalism. Especially since R. Murdoch bought it.
The corporate mainstream media meme changes daily. He's doing too much. He's not doing enough. His nominees are corrupt. He laughs too much. Spends too much valuable time going on late night TV shows or picking basketball winners, etc etc

All of sixty something days into his term and it's all over as far as the serious inside the Washington beltway punditocricy can determine.

We as Canadians probably shouldn't criticize American politics too much as we have seen lately with Harpie & co.

I still hold out hope that there will be fundamental change for the better under the Obama administration. But I'm an optimist.

Mel will still get paid but not as much.

Harold Asmis said...

I truly hope so.