Monday, March 30, 2009

Deep dark hacker network attacks the Fish

Yes, we had a massive spam comment attack. Obviously the word verification thing has been cracked. This is revenge for living in Toronto. I spent all my writing time cleaning it up. I'm going to need some real ad juice to perk me up again!


Harbles said...

And all this time I assumed viruses were creations of computer virus security companies to ensure business.

Silver Fox said...

I had two in the last two days, one was quite subtle, the other obvious with a bunch of Chinese writing. Like that would make any sense to me as a comment.

One thing I do is put comment moderation on posts older than 14 days, since most people (besides me) comment on recent posts. The spammers often go for older posts first, because they think you won't notice. I've got a "recent comment" widget in my sidebar, get email notification of all comments, and still they think I won't notice.

If it gets bad, I put comment moderation on all posts until it passes.