Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Type of Netbook


I'm a great fan of netbooks for geology, or engineering in the field. This new idea (not built yet!) caught my eye. First off, it uses an ARM processor, which I like because I absolutely hate Intel. (this is totally irrational hatred!). The other nice thing about the ARM is that stupid XP doesn't run on it! So this is really top notch in my book. :)

With the arm, you don't need to wait for booting anymore. Of course the screen detaches from the keyboard, which proves that the keyboard will always be an albatross around the neck of tiny computers. Far better we all learn thumb typing!

But the real reason I have included it in my blog is the video at the reference site. The founder has the most outrageous Inspector Clouseau accent! Every time he says 'dongle' I just want to spit coffee through my nose! You have to see it.

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