Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour Diary

How was your earth hour? Here's ours.

7:30 pm - "Start the dishwasher before earth hour!"

8:30 - "Oh shit! Is it earth hour already?" #1 Son has graciously appeared from downtown to tutor daughter in math. Let's see -- have her fail math, or make her do homework during earth hour?

While those two scream at each other, we retire to do some very low-power movie watching. We're watching "The Prince and Me", and keeping the volume low so the daughter doesn't catch on.

9:15 - Daughter has found out! And boy, is she mad! "You don't care about the earth!". We say "Did you turn off the lights when you came down here to nag us?" It would be worth a million earth hours if these kids would just turn off the damn lights!

9:30 - Whew, it's over! Time for a nice hottub soak in the dark. And why are all the lights on? Damn!

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