Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forget Gold, Hoard Maple Syrup!


It's interesting that although most commodities have hit the skids, food inflation is starting to zoom. Bad weather and water shortages have something to do with it.

I just like this story because it reminds me of some nice times we had with the kids. A distant relative has a maple stand near Cornwall. We would go there in the spring and collect maple sap. It was fun with all the buckets hanging from the trees. I loved to drink the actual maple sap right from the tree. It was mostly water, with just a hint of sweet nuttiness.

Then all the buckets would be dumped into the big reservoir behind the sugar shack. I'm sure this was the most impressive for the kids, with the huge fire and tons of steam from the boiling sap. Then we would get the syrup in gallon cans!

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