Friday, March 13, 2009

March Break

Here in Ontario, we start our school break. As is custom, all the kiddies go on a trip. This year my daughter is going to Spain.

The day did not start well. The ladies wanted to actually be brought to the airport. Then the whining began:

  1. But 100,000 people are going to the airport now!
  2. Why don't I just throw the daughter out and zoom through?
  3. I am *not* going to park!
  4. It will be horrible and we are going to DIE DIE!
When they finally settled me down, we went to the airport. And it was empty! I found my best parking spot ever, and took this picture without stepping on anybody.

So my blog has become "Information Central" for this trip. I will collect all the info sent back by the kids (NADA!), and post it. I won't be busy.

Here's the silly picture I made them do.


Silver Fox said...

I'll bet they'll send you some kind of info - don't they like being posted about?

I got word 'mollypi' for PI day.

Harold Asmis said...

They never say anything! But, you get a sneak at their Facebook (they never log out!), and the whole world knows everything!