Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nearly Lost the Old Guy

I have this horrible ceiling fixture in the middle of a tall hall over the stairway that goes downstairs. It's 12 feet high over a narrow platform. Every time the light burns out I cringe, since the covering glass must weigh 20 pounds and it's hooked on by a single screw. I call it my 'death lamp'.

So, I had to change the stupid bulb again, and being old, I forgot how I did it the last time. This time I brought in an inadequate ladder, so I had to reach over with my left hand and start unscrewing the bolt. I remember something screaming in my head "What the Hell are you doing?" Sure enough, the screw let go, and I had 20 pounds of glass that I couldn't hold up. Could I just drop it? Hell no!

I made the leap down to the narrow platform, but the glass was carrying me in slow motion over the stairs. I finally ditched the glass as I tumbled down, and landed with a thump. Instant Headache, but I wasn't out. I quick summary found a banged up wrist, and a bleeding face from glass shards. Good thing they didn't find my eyes!

So, all you kiddies, I'm banged up, grumpy, and not getting ad money, so I'm going veggie on drugs. You should all learn about your ladder safety, and never do this.


Monado said...

Good heavens! Can you re-wire it with a longer cord and a pulley so you can lower it next time?

wordfalling said...

Careful now! Glad you are okay for the most part and have lovely analgesics to aid those bits that aren't so okay.

Harold Asmis said...

Feels like one of my skiing accidents. I gave up skiing.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Back is ok.
Perhaps a compact fluorescent or LED bulb? More expensive initial cost but think of the neutrons you'll save.

Harold Asmis said...

I have a motion detector switch so I had to stick to crummy incandescent. Now with the last of the kids almost gone, I could take it out and put in a CFL.

But, if I didn't have this to talk about, there would be nothing! I can't find anything on the wire!

Harold Asmis said...

There, I'm taking out the stupid motion detector, which never worked on the way up the stairs. If you must have a motion detector, have it in the light fixture.

I bought a really light clip-on fixture, and I'll use CFL's. I'm waiting now for the whole family to line the stairs, when I tackle it again! Ow, the pain!

Silver Fox said...

Yikes! You be careful up there. *scolding motions*

Maybe you need to install lights on the wall and not on the ceilings!!

Harold Asmis said...

I finally fixed it, with the wife and dog acting as my cushions. Needless to say, I screwed it up the first time, but finally got it to work.