Saturday, March 28, 2009

Niagara Tunnel: Doing It Right - Part 4

I am hoping to maintain an excavation rate of 30 m a day, in order to do the tunnel in a year. After excavation, I am letting the rock settle for 6 months, or until I get no acoustic events or continuing convergence.

Now I put in the lining. It has to be as smooth as a baby's bum. Probably 12 inches is sufficient. I really want to put in a synthetic web for crack control, like this.

That is so neat! I'm slip-forming the lining, and after, it will be the worlds greatest skateboard run!

This one is circular, and smaller. At the very end, I'm going to zoom a Tesla at high speed along the length!

But, we are forgetting one other vital geotechnical work, that I am sure reality will screw up.

The extra water is only useful if we beef up the pumped storage. Note our piddly pond compared to the US! This wasn't dug out, but constructed from big earthen walls. The walls have already failed in the past. We have to top up the walls to increase the holding capacity. Since nobody has screwed this up yet, I won't tackle it.


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