Thursday, March 12, 2009

Male Depression and Niagara Falls


This is the most amazing story, and I'm always willing to talk about male depression. It's different from 'the other side', because it's usually accompanied by anger, violence, and anxiety. I had it, but I'm on the pills and I'm good. It's caused by a simple deficiency of essential brain compounds (nutrients).

It's always been around, but lately there have been a lot of mass shootings. Males with depression usually do not seek help, and attempt to self-medicate with booze and drugs. The older males just drink, and function perfectly as political masters! :)

This guy in the river will get the right treatment and will recover. That's the amazing thing about male depression, it's so easy to treat! However, once addiction takes hold, or the person goes psycho, then recovery is difficult. I hope one day there is a genetic test for this, so they can start treating at a young age, and we won't have all these mass-murder suicides.

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Silver Fox said...

Yes, it would be good to know ahead of time, and for us non-males, also!