Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Rise of the Phony Technical Purist

A political organization that doesn't have to do anything will soon attempt to get rid of all its Technical Purists (TP's). These are the people who are a true Royal Pain in the Ass. They stop reactors from starting too soon, stop pollution, stop safety hazards, etc. The only thing that stays the hand of executioner is the worry that nothing will ever work anymore. But that never really stops a Political Organization (PO). See this article on the WHO computer system. And we all know about the other things in Ontario.

But I have recently heard of the most delicious irony: The Phony Technical Purist (PTP). The PTP rises in an organization that has purged itself of all TP's. This is a crazy person who dons the mantle of a TP. They start to raise a fuss about all sorts of ridiculous things, and they know how to document it, and insert monkey wrenches into the system. The PO is powerless to stop a PTP, since they have no honour, and can totally use the system to survive. A TP is relatively easy to kill, just order them to do something unsafe or stupid.

And so the PO starts to get plagued by these fleas. They have no TP's to squash them. I just love it!

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