Sunday, March 15, 2009

Greg Weston Strikes Again


Nothing ever happens on the weekends. My readership dips, my money goes down to pennies, and I'm searching all the news for nothing. Except, good old Mr. Weston does his thing!

People (my relatives!) have accused me of being too nasty, but I am nothing in the larger pile of dirt. W. goes way beyond me, and he stole my "I digress" line! In his effort to elevate Ms. Keene to the position of a god, he may be wrong.

K. was a purely political creature, put in by the Liberals, the first of the governmental organization toadies. They had actually started "pre-approving" the AECL design, along the lines of the US NRC. I found out about it through CSA work, and kicked up a big fuss internally in the old company. Mainly I was concerned that we would lose our bargaining power, if this was solidified as the only choice. I knew, at the time, we would want to hammer down AECL's price.

To my very great surprise, management took it up. I was floored! Shortly after, K. shut down the operation, mainly as a reaction to offending anybody. She was a true political person, following the "politicallly correct" philosophy of never offending anybody. As well, we all knew that her organization had no staff to do this.

Since then, still with no staff, they have approved everything, and done an amazing amount of work! And these are government workers! They run a totally opaque organization, which only has to come up with a smily face. They don't even have to write a justification.

I'm not saying anything about opaque organizations, but we know that Transparency International equates opacity with bad things, and I tend to agree.

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Harold Asmis said...

OMG, I was watching the 1996 Emma movie, so this guy is really Greg Weston.