Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Panel Will Bury Nuclear Waste in Their Backyards


That's the price for being on this cushy, all expenses paid, panel. You have to take a rusty Obama Barrel back with you!

Remember that there is no national standard for these barrels by the river. They are all made as cheaply as they can get away with, and given a fresh coat of paint. That means they are probably not transportable, which would cost a lot more money.

Poor Obama, he wants to be so rational, but he is faced with gut-tribal pandering politicians. The position of Nevada will probably cost the country hundreds of billions in the long term, but nobody ever mentions that.

In Canada, the political choice of Darlington as the site for new nuclear will probably only cost us 10 billion over the rational choice of Wesleyville. The choice of actually excavating at Bruce will cost another 10 bil.

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