Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SRL: Ocean Bottom Seismometers

I got my SRL, and there a few interesting papers. This shows the full underwater installation vehicle. The OBS is the pop can. This one is lucky, since it is beside a big underwater research cable with data and power.

The MARS cable is laid far out in the ocean. This makes it a bit more immune from tsunami-buoy-stealing pirates! If you didn't have that cable, you'd need the Italian job:

This is really cute! I like the fishies!

On another note, there was a paper on Ontario seismicity, an earthquake swarm near Georgian Bay.

I once looked at an OBS for the Great Lakes, but it's rather hopeless without the big power and data cable. As well, you need a big installation digger to try and get it on firm ground. It's generally useless to just plunk it on soft fish-shit! The swarm is interesting. It is exactly the same distance up-fault from the Grenville front, as was the big Burlington swarm from the Hamilton Fault. Of course, these don't exist in the 'real' pay-wall literature, so shhhh!

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