Sunday, May 28, 2023

Toronto Garden Report


Very weird weather for the garden.  The cold nights may have stunted some things.  Very few cherries and pears, but lots of apples.  Very dry, and my soaker hose system is always dripping.  In the picture, the sprinkler is on because of new planting.

The kale is weird, and most of the tomatoes seem sad.  The peas are magnificent, and the beans are popping out at full power.  The potatoes are happy, as well.

I protect everything with my 'Mostly Organic' spray.  It has Neem oil, and other things, such as Epson salts for slugs.  It's very mild, so doesn't really work with the apple worms.  We just cut out the bad sections for drying or freezing apple slices.

Cucumbers are just starting.  We lots of mint in boxes, but they have escaped.  Have to cut them down, but it makes a great tea, with the fresh mint, muddled in a teapot.  I just tried adding some dried cannabis from last year.  It's magnificent, with almost no power.  Perhaps that of a non-alcoholic beer...

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