Monday, May 15, 2023

More Arctic blobs descend


I hope this one will kill the blackflies at the cottage, but not my tomatoes in Toronto.  Don't plant cucumbers yet!

Over in Europe, the blobs are coming down.  Maybe Spain will get wet.  

And I had to laugh at this.  I predicted last year that the UK would become Labrador, and it has.  The influencers just give their usual non-physics explanations, and other papers promise hot weather to come.  I never feel sorry for the UK, because we get the same weather.  My new prediction is for the UK to get a Siberian Arctic spill channel this winter.  That will be fun!  I suggest they all get Canadian snowmobile outfits for indoors.  They'll just have -20C temps, if Toronto gets the channel, then we'll be at -40 -- blah.

ps. and I really should give them some hope.  The Gulf Stream may loop back up again, and block the channel.  Then Siberia gets it again.

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Neil T said...

Too late for wet in Spain... We've gone from "save the harvest" , to "stuff the harvest save the trees", to "we're ****ed". I wouldn't like to be a food shopper in the UK come autumn. Meanwhile many well showered politicians are having meetings.....