Saturday, May 6, 2023

Don't plant the tomatoes yet

 The warm weather in Toronto got me to thinking about planting tomatoes under a thin row cover.  It looks so nice in the weather forecast.

However, this is not a strong Spring signal -- it is just a muck.  Spring has strong Pacific winds coming across the continent, and blows away all Arctic air.  Not this day....

There is a huge, perfect, cold air blob forming.

It scares me enough to protect the tomatoes.  Remember that last huge late frost that killed everything?  I never remember anything, but that one killed all the garden centres, so that even when you bought later, the plants were stunted.  We're talking the old -5C trick!

Europe is getting the same thing, but it is fight strong Atlantic plumes.

They are probably getting lots of cold and rain now, but you won't read about it.

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