Tuesday, May 2, 2023

RSS temperatures are back!


Whatever you do, don't tell the warmies about this.  They tried to kill these guys and they left us for a while.  Now they are back with a month or two behind to avoid the bad press.

These guys are competent geophysics people, and wouldn't let a math error run on.  Only people who kicked out all the map makers would let things go on like nooa.  It's like someone running their car into the ground, ignoring all the funny sounds.  

What I really like is the South Pole chart.  Steady as a rock.  The warmies make all their inferences about the 'ice dying' by measuring extent.  If it lets loose ice, they say it's dying.  If it holds in the ice, they say it's dying.  Always dying, no matter what the observation.  Healthy ice has surges, just for the fun of it.

ps.  I'm thinking of a 'Ship of Fools'.  Having killed everybody who could run things, they go on with their big influencer parties, making the big money, and having a blast. while the ship ploughs on.

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