Tuesday, May 9, 2023

No shame in showing the heat anomaly chart


I'm surprised they are still pushing this, despite the huge drop.  And here I thought this chart was done.  The anomaly math error is still going on.

We can suppose that with no comment that this is solid, and there is no math error.  There's no physics to support this, but who cares?  Let the anomaly take off without any effect on the 'pure' temperatures.  We are in a new era!  You can see that El Nino is starting from the East, where it has never started before.  And Toronto housing is spiking up again, with no money in the market.  Neat.

The anomaly map subtracts the average from this 'pure' map.  That's a construction that is supposed to make things clearer, and not got against everything.  

ps.  all clear to plant tomatoes for Toronto.

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