Sunday, May 28, 2023

Mid-Summers Night Stagnant Air

 We've started heating up like a kettle of fish.

This is our fine summer weather from now on.  No sweeping air from the Pacific, just a thick stew. 

We'll just get hotter and hotter, and may get rain when those weak Arctic blobs meet listless southern air.  Yeah!  Dust off the air conditioning or go to the cottage.  These were the conditions in the late 50's where everybody in Toronto got a cottage with a lake.  The heat was unbearable.  Of course, this year, we will be entertained by the claim that this is all climate change.  (..and it is!).  (don't kill me)j.

You'll only tell we are in an ice cycle, when the fall comes around.  and then winter.  All the media and influencers will ignore it, but stock up with a lot of firewood.  (maybe).

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