Thursday, May 4, 2023

Leftwingers can't do anything right


It's fine to have big protests, and scream a lot, but the 'brass tacks' are missing.  This stupid 'single use plastic' ban is filling my house with very heavy 'multi-use' plastic and wood.  

Without physics, every single 'great solution' has failed.  These containers and wood straws have 10 times the 'eco footprint' of the much light plastic.  Our landfills used to be filled with newspapers.  Dig into them and newspapers look brand-new after 100 years.

In the meantime, warmie-led NOAA continues to pump out the math errors.  None of the them are being reported because our wonderful leftwingers dropped math in high school.  


Perhaps they mucked in a chart of Toronto home prices...

ps.  Here's another great leftwinger logic inversion.

Clear air convection was a big problem when it was cold in the 70-90's.  It went away during the warm spell.  Now it is back, just like ozone holes.  Obviously, climate change.

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