Sunday, May 14, 2023

General weather comments

 Getting eaten alive at the cottage has mellowed me.  I will no longer make fun of nooa not being able to do simple math, since 90% of the world does the same.

Look at that - it's a perfect ski jump.  The artistry is superb.

And this is a pretty picture that has no significance whatsoever.  We are expecting El Nino to jump up out of the water any moment now.  The new popular thing is that hot water can lurk beneath cold. 

We are getting a cold blob hitting Toronto, but it's not very cold, and is not causing rain.  This continues the stagnant air situation.  It will all continue to be very dry.

The Asian heat wave looks to be over.  All the reporters will have to jump into their jet planes and find another heat wave somewhere.  Don't see one.

ps.  live by obnoxiousness, die by the same.

These guys are quite immune.  The old way was to get all geologists and geophysicists fired from universities.  Which is more vicious?

pps.  whew!  the rightwingers are going with conspiracy theories, and not stupidity.  Nobody reads me, thanks.

more:  that Arctic blob is getting colder in the forecast day by day.  Prepare for frost away from the lakes

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