Sunday, May 28, 2023

State of the Oceans - May 28, 2023

 The new ocean current maps just came in, and this article follows the previous one, 

This is the whole Pacific.  We have broken convection cells that aren't transporting anything.  You can see the pinchout and eddies, where the current reverses, and nothing beyond that.

This is close-up, of Action Central, where the Great Splotch lives.  It is very disorganized, almost stagnant, so no cold water being pulled up.  At the very bottom, you see tons of cold S pole water coming up.  Maybe that's why the SP is warming!  Haha.

Here we have the Atlantic belt, which is acting as belt should.  We have tremendous heat transfer.

Finally, the reason the UK is frigid.  No heat transport with the Gulf Stream.  You can argue whether it is alive or dead, but it's not doing anything.  Last winter was characterized by a strong flow up the Iceland Gap, into the North.  This stopped all ice forming up there, knocked down the 'ice extent'.  And stopped any Arctic Spill from whipping through.  Not here any more, and the UK will have a continuous 20 below spill, just like Asia last winter.  Maybe.

Note:  all of this is basic physics and mechanics.  Nobody does the proper measurements, because just a spick of physics kills the whole Groupthink.  And we expect that to last another few years.

In case you think this physics is unimportant, here's a dilemma.  -- Snow budgets

If you are a trudy 'true believer' then snowplows emit carbon, and should all be banned.  Your belief leads to cut the snow budget more -- who needs it?  You and others designed the LRT, on the principle that it really didn't need to work.

If you go with physics, then the budget has to be doubled.  This winter to be much worse than last.  And we are going to approach 1830, with continuous snow, and 10 feet on the ground.  Maybe.

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