Saturday, May 6, 2023

Doomer Fight

 The worst thing that can happen to a doomer, is that another doom starts pushing them out.

This is horrendous news for the 'Old Doom', as influencers start to jump ship.  The New Doomers might bring up all the stuff I've been talking about, to compete for 'Doom Money' from the political doom followers.

They really need a better term than 'AI'.  I would propose 'Machining'.  They can have big protests "Stop Machining Us".  or 'People Over Machines".  And "Clange is so Yesterday".  This is the only way that clange will be retired early.

ps. In reality, AI is a parlour trick.  It is all word association, which is a very powerful module in the brain.  It's how influencers can talk so fast and not say anything.  It appeals to the human mind.  The young relatives are becoming great users of it for work, and it fools the old men.  That is why we can use 'Machine Doom' with impunity.  You are no longer a 'clange denier', you are a 'realist' looking at the more 'urgent' doom.  There can only be one!

1 comment:

Neil T said...

I hate the term AI... smacks of slavery. Saying that, what is now classed as AI isn't, but it titillates the paper buying public, hence the use of the term. Liked the almost "Highlander" reference at the end!