Monday, May 1, 2023

Doug Ford follows the rational path


Looking at things like electricity supply, you are best off if you follow physics and the rational path (defined by physics).  This has the best chance of being right in the long term.  All the 'warm and fuzzy' things pushed out by leftwingers, are notorious for short lives.

Natgas is the best way to push energy down pipelines, and pipelines take the slack from high-voltage electrical lines.  I suspect we have a factor of 10 for pipelines over electricity lines, in terms of total energy transported.  We can't suddenly cut that off.

Alberta is going the insane route of pushing pure hydrogen down pipelines and pumping it into houses.  Even the total left looney bin is against this.  You add some extra carbon to the hydrogen (methane) and it becomes much more stable, and we know how to handle it.  Hydrogen distribution will have 10 times more disasters, because we'll want to push it at very high pressures, to get the same energy density.

Propane is more dangerous because of the pressures.  But there are a zillion rules for handling it, and hydrogen would need a zillion more rules, but a lot of blood would be spilled to get to those rules.

That said, Doug goes on about electricity for electric cars.  Sorry, but if physics accepts natgas, then things must go on to declare electric cars also insane, at full scale.  Look at my street, it barely survived air conditioning as demand growth.  They put in a lot of heavy lines, but the last mile is scraggly lines, and 1950's transformers.  In our two months of very hot summer, due to stagnant air, we'll see a lot of big transformer stations blow up.  Add electric cars to that.

I have high hopes that the people will get tired of living off a wing and a prayer.  As we continue to freeze, there may be questions, or maybe not.  If we do some simple physics and get away from carbon hysteria, then we'll go to methane fuel cells, and graphene super-capacitors.  That's the only way to go with the transport sector.  The PM can't see that.

Now, being a hard-core nuclear person, why not nuclear plants?  Because, without physics, we are too stupid to build them.  Do you want a molten salt reactor beside you?  Besides, I looked at all the potential sites for new nuclear and it is a sad choice.

My readership has shot up by all the AI's reading me for training.  I'm the only one that writes anything original, for free, right or wrong.  The first AI had the advantage of nobody knowing what's going on, and it zoomed through all the books and movies through irregular channels.  Can't do that any more.  And I can't see an AI getting anything off tiktok.

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